Our Unique Selling Points

· We offer a rarely combined suite of service areas;

· We are not solely focused on one particular area but prefer to match our
  client’s activities with available opportunities;

· We are truly independent and not restricted in our thinking nor trying to sell
  you other services we have no control over;

· The majority of our new business is referral based;

· We assist beyond our focus areas, often leading to introductions within our

· Our diverse client experiences mean we understand issues facing
  businesses large and small; and

· We do not seek to mystify our clients with concepts or jargon but prefer
  clear communication and honest appraisals.

Credible Alternatives

Our independence and depth of experience has meant our firm is one of only a few in Australia offering credible professional services in the areas we assist in.

Track Record

Our business has grown exponentially on the back of good outcomes and word of mouth referrals. We can supply any number of testimonials to support this statement.

Quality Systems

We maintain an internal quality back office and workflow management system which aims to expedite our process yet provide sufficient protocols to minimize errors. We are constantly improving our efforts in this area so that we can offer superior service for a small costs structure.

Leverage Alliances

In our experience a team approach can often yield a better solution. For this reason we have aligned ourselves with the likes of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board in recognition of the unique role the ASSOB platform plays in introducing SME’s to prospective investors. 

Flexible Fee Structure

We are commercially minded in our approach to negotiating fee arrangements with our clients. This is why we offer a number of fee options from which to choose from and remain ‘open minded’ on alternative fee arrangements that might be proposed. Our traditional fee options include:

Traditional Fee Options

Normal Fees:

Based on the hourly rate of the individual involved in the assignment and the amount of time expended on the job.

Hybrid Fee Arrangement:

Representing a mix of our scheduled rate approach and success fee option. Typically, under this option we negotiate a fixed fee component and a percentage of some windfall / refund etc arising as a consequence of our efforts.

Success Fee Approach:

Under this option our fees are solely a function of the success of our efforts. If we are not successful, then we will not render any fee account for the work undertaken.

Out of Pocket Expenses:

Any additional expenses incurred whilst undertaking assignments are no included in the fee options mentioned above and would be billed separately at cost.

We are naturally willing to entertain any alternate fee arrangement to those mentioned earlier that may be proposed.

Valued Clients & Alliances
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