Valued Clients

We have clients who operate across Australia and internationally, in various industries and which range in size from 1 person micro businesses through to multi-listed public companies. We value the opportunity to work with clients on a long term basis and assist them in different styles of their evolution and success.

We work with a variety of legally structured enterprises including:

· Franchises;

· Incorporated Associations;

· Private Company Groups;

· Limited Liability Partnerships;

· Joint Ventures;

· Partnerships;

· Trusts; and

· Public companies.

We are well familiar with the commercial dynamics and general statutory framework relevant to such enterprises. Many of our clients are global leaders in their field and this has been formally acknowledged through industry awards, exceptional growth or public profile. We are willing to work with clients where opportunity awaits them and have invested in technology and systems to make this possible anywhere.

Testimonials from existing Intertrade clients about our services and how we can assist are available on an as required basis.

With few exceptions Intertrade would have clients active in all industries and markets. Many of our clients are identifiable brands in their sectors, emerging stars or simply everyday businesses. Some of the sectors we are more familiar with include:

· Manufacturing;

· Information Technology and Telecommunications;

· Biotechnology and Life Science;

· Agribusiness;

· Medical;

· Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;

· Mining and other resource recovery;

· Automotive Componentry.


We recognize that often partnerships or alliances can yield a better client solution than trying to be all things to all people. For this reason we have development a number of alliances to complement our core services. Currently our alliances include:

Australian Small Scale Offerings Board

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is for “Small Scale Offerings” where SME’s are looking to raise up to $5 million without a disclosure document, a process which can represent a substantial cost saving for SMEs. Here, you can profile your company cost effectively and ASSOB assists you in creating an effective share capital structure that makes your company investor friendly and provides an avenue to raise funds under an ASIC class order exemption.

Valued Clients & Alliances
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