Our company provides an extensive range of consulting services in areas relevant to both International and Domestic transactions. We are specialist advisers in the focus areas of Indirect Taxes, Government Incentives, International Trade and strategic business consulting. More detail on our Service Lines is provided below.

Service Lines

Government Incentives

International Trade

· Export Grants;

· E-Commerce Grants and
  Commercialisation Incentives;

· Research & Development
  Grants and Tax Incentives;

· Import / Export Credits;

· Infrastructure Assistance;

· Concessional Finance and Aid

· Rural and Environmental Grants;

· State Government Incentives;

· Biotech Incentives.

· Gathering market information
  (Market Research);

· Introducing potential buyers and 
  sellers (Trade Facilitation);

· Obtaining Trade Finance (Trade

· Cross border issues such as tariffs,
  import restrictions, etc  
  (Trade Impediments);

· International freight requirements
  (Trade Logistics);

· International banking requirements.

Indirect Taxes

Corporate Advisory

· Goods and Services Tax;

· Payroll Tax;

· Excise;

· Customs Duty;

· Fringe Benefits Tax;

· Other Indirect Imposts.

· Business and strategic planning;

· Capital raisings;

· ASIC and ASX Compliance;

· Preparation of prospectus’ and
  capital raising documents;

· Corporate mergers and acquisitions;

· Commercialisation and investor

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